Announcing ADVANTAGE™, an affordable, scalable, commercially viable and proven solution for the elimination of forever chemicals.

The NuQuatic Commitment



Since 2016, NuQuatic Advanced Water Technologies has developed and deployed at scale its innovative platform to remediate excess nutrients to unprecedented low levels. Born out of a mission to create a better world through innovation, NuQuatic has continued focused research and development into the treatment of recalcitrant water contaminants utilizing its core technology platforms. Today, NuQuatic Advanced Water Technologies announces ADVANTAGE™, a novel new technology for the collection, concentration, and destruction of PFAS discovered in the Earth’s drinking, industrial and source waters.

Polyfluorinated compounds, synthetically manufactured chemicals, collectively referred to as PFAS, the so called “forever chemicals” have recently been elevated to hazardous status, even at extremely low concentrations. PFAS originated with the development of nonstick cooking utensils, firefighting foams and dozens of other products and now have been found in more than 60,000 sites in the United States alone. Effective, economically viable PFAS removal and destruction technologies have been unavailable until now. NuQuatic’s ADVANTAGE™ process presents a first to market effective, scalable, sustainable, and affordable solution for the removal and destruction of PFAS.

The NuQuatic Advantage Process


Our patented approach leverages sustainable electrochemical solutions to remove or destroy a variety of conventional and difficult to remove contaminants creating healthy clean water.

Energy use is an increasing challenge for the water treatment industry. Conventional systems are energy-intensive and costly. NuQuatic overcomes those challenges.

The NuQuatic Advantage: A green technology solution for water treatment. Our patented contaminant removal process requires neither the addition of external energy nor energy-intensive chemistry to produce superior treatment outcomes.

Gallons of water treated in the past 2 years

The NuQuatic Technology


The novelty behind NuQuatic’s ADVANTAGE™ process is the use of our proprietary and patented galvanic process. A galvanic reaction is an electrochemical process that occurs as a result of the electrical connection of dissimilar metals. The prevention of galvanic corrosion is a much-studied topic. NuQuatic turned this idea on its head and created a galvanic process that is controlled and managed. The sacrificial nature of this process creates a very powerful adsorbent which captures PFAS.  Additionally, the operation of the galvanic cell in conjunction with other proprietary procedures creates a multitude of hydroxyl radicals and delivers these radicals in optimal conditions sufficient to oxidize many other recalcitrant compounds such as 1,4 Dioxane and glyphosate.


First and most important, a galvanic cell does not require electricity, thus eliminating a material component of the operating cost for PFAS removal. Reducing energy consumption not only reduces costs but also benefits the environment. Additionally, the scientific elegance of a galvanic reaction minimizes system capital and maintenance costs. Offering both sustainability and economic advantages, the NuQuatic process supports the ES&G aspirations of our clients, our employees and all our stakeholders.


Polyfluorinated compounds or PFAS are highly persistent and toxic substances that have been incorporated into numerous industrial products. The presence of PFAS in water supplies poses significant health risks to communities. Our galvanic oxidation technology offers a breakthrough solution by eliminating PFAS from water sources. Through electrochemical reactions, our system captures and neutralizes these harmful compounds, ensuring clean and safe drinking water. As a result, our technology enables communities to protect public health and enhance the well-being of individuals and families.


Scalability simply means that the equipment and processes are adaptable and able to be configured for treatment of larger and larger water flows. Our system is comprised of a series of process modules which, like Lego blocks fit together to form a treatment process train. Our modules generally are configured to treat 5, 50, 500, &1000 GPM Water flows. With large turndown ratios and parallel processing, these modules can be configured to treat virtually any flows. For example, our Lake Okeechobee Nutrient Project treatment capacity is  6000 GPM.


We believe in responsible waste management. Our proprietary technology minimizes waste generation by capturing and immobilizing contaminants within the treatment system and in many cases, such as PFAS, we treat for the full destruction of the targeted contaminant This approach facilitates easy separation and disposal of collected substances, reducing the need for extensive waste management processes. Our technology plays a part in creating a circular economy of minimizing waste, conserving resources, and reducing environmental impact all while using minimal external energy!


Unlike conventional treatment methods that often require large filtration tanks or complex machinery, our customized systems can occupy a fraction of the space while delivering effective contaminant removal. In addition, by utilizing modular equipment, we maximize space efficiency, enabling installation in limited areas of real estate. This advantage allows for greater flexibility in system placement and facilitates integration into existing infrastructure. Whether you have a compact facility or a sprawling industrial complex, our modular system fits your space requirements, ensuring effective contaminant removal while minimizing the physical footprint.

The NuQuatic Resume


NuQuatic’s ability to rapidly deploy large scale water treatment processes was put to the test in April of 2020. The State of Florida had a brewing crisis on its hands when a lined phosphate process stack at Tampa Bay’s Piney Point site began leaking, threatening to spill 800 million gallons of toxic waste into Tampa Bay. To address this emergency, Florida called on NuQuatic to deploy our galvanic and electrolytic treatment process. Working around the clock NuQuatic achieved the impossible in building a fully operational treatment facility in less than 17 long days and nights. We were successful in treating hundreds of millions of gallons of this toxic water to standards that met or exceeded surface discharge requirements at treatment rates of over 1,000 GPM. NuQuatic is humbly grateful for the opportunity to have led the effort to avert a major environmental disaster in the Tampa Bay metropolitan area.

The central process technologies deployed at Tampa Bay are the same NuQuatic utilizes to collect, concentrate, and destroy PFAS. Modifications to treat for PFAS relate to equipment configuration, residence adjustments and minor additive chemistry. However, the core technology platforms remain the same as were successfully demonstrated at our 1,000 GPM treatment facility at Tampa Bay and that will be deployed in our 6,000 GPM Lake Okeechobee facility.


NuQuatic’s Apopka facility, a 7,500 GPM treatment plant, has been operational since 2019.

NuQuatic’s Apopka facility, a 7,500 GPM treatment plant, has been operational since 2019. During this time, we have removed approximately 10 tons of phosphorus.  Removing anthropogenic phosphorus is allowing this 42 square mile lake’s ecosystem to restore itself through the regeneration of native flora and fauna.

In addition to the lowest cost per pound, the Lake Apopka project generates 81.6 Mitigation Credits each year with an approximate value of $8.16 Million against a Target annual cost of $5 Million.The result is a very favorable project that generates more environmental benefit than it costs to operate


Effectively treating water within 17 days of a State of Emergency at Florida’s Tampa Bay Piney Point facility.

Effectively treating water within 17 days of a State of Emergency at Florida’s Tampa Bay Piney Point facility. All treated water met state and federal discharge requirements. Removed a total of 350 metric tons of phosphorus and 400 metric tons of nitrogen in less than one year.


Our newest facility opening Fall 2023, targets the reduction of the phosphorus load flowing out of the Okeechobee watershed and Northern Florida.

NuQuatic’s newest facility at Lake Okeechobee will deploy its enhanced state of the art galvanic processes. A new level of efficiency will be achieved. The facility will process in excess of 6,000 GPM of water and provide for full turn down and turn up capabilities. The EPA and Florida DEP have determined that as much as 400 metric tons of phosphorus annually must be captured and removed from the watershed prior to entering Lake Okeechobee if the lake is to have any hope of retuning to ecological balance. Moreover, the excessive loading into the Lake is creating a downstream catastrophic impact on the Everglades National Pack, placing its very survival in jeopardy. NuQuatic is honored to be an essential component of the solution to save the Everglades and restore Lake Okeechobee to a healthy ecologically balanced Florida treasure.