Tim has served as President and senior executive officer of NuQuatic since its establishment in 2016. Mr. McIntee has founded and led multiple commercial enterprises, including finance and banking, consumer products, international engineering, high tech manufacturing and logistics concerns. He brings a track record of successful capital aggregation.

Earlier leadership roles include CFO, GC and corporate development positions with a public manufacturing concern supporting the telecom and computer industry.
Mr. McIntee’s formative professional career was as a corporate partner in a large Midwest law firm.

Mr. McIntee holds degrees in accounting, finance and law.

DONALD LUKEChief Operating Officer
Experienced Chemical Engineer with a documented history of innovative developments and proven ability to convert those developments into long term commercially profitable enterprises. Over 30 years of working experience in Water treatments working with both Municipal and Industrial clients on Lake Restoration and Waste Minimization projects. Prior engineering and design practice experience with Jacobs Engineering. A total of 13 years with Ciba Specialty (now BASF) building internal revenue generation exceeding $300M per year with Clients such as Mosaic, SynCrude (Canada) and others. Holder of 11 patents with numerous applications in process related to NuQuatic’s core technologies. Recognized as a Phosphates subject matter expert by the USEPA.
DR. CARLOS BORRASDirector, Research and Development
Dr. Borras heads the core science and technology development at NuQuatic. He is the lead inventor on NuQuatic’s galvanic and electrolytic patent portfolio.
Dr. Borras is the former “Coordinador docente de Licenciatura en Quimica, Universidad Simon Bolivar”, (Dean of Students) and Professor of Electrochemistry at Simon Bolivar University in Venezuela. Dr. Borras is the original thought leader on the topics of electrochemical oxidation of organic materials and conceptual electrochemical cell design. Leading researchers cite Dr. Borras’s previous work and publications as a contributing basis for current research efforts on the topic of Electrochemical oxidation of PFAS and other organic contaminants.

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DR. JAVIER BRITOSenior R&D Associate
Javier Brito was born in Cuba and attended Las Villas University, where he earned his B.A. and MS in chemical engineer.. Javier received his Ph.D. in Agri-food Resources from the University of Cadiz, Spain in 2017. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of University of São Paulo, Brazil. Since 2021 he has been a integral member of the R&D department at Nuquatic. His areas of interest encompass process control, biological reactors and nutrient removals supported with 6 scientific papers in Scopus database.

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DR. ALAN HANLEY Senior R&D Scientist
Dr. Hanley comes to us from the specialty chemical sector to join our research and development team on our PFA remediation project. His specialties involve organic chemistry, colloidal science, reactor design, and various forms of spectroscopy. He was the principal investigator on development of a novel method to produce Janus nanoparticles (nanoparticles where the surface has 2 or more different physical properties) that was both versatile and scalable.
DR. RONALD VARGASConsulting Researcher and Computational Scientist
Dr. Vargas is a former PhD student guided by Dr. Borras in Venezuela. Dr Vargas is current a University professor where he continues to teach and conduct research in the field of electrochemical oxidation of organic contaminants. In addition, Dr. Vargas is a computational mathematician with expertise in developing predicted thermodynamic based reaction pathways and compound formation.

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