The NuQuatic Story



NuQuatic was visioned by its founding shareholders to be a force for the collective good of current and future generations. The global clean water crisis has created a generational opportunity to reset water quality standards. With a committed investor group, a passionate workforce and cutting edge technology, we are uniquely positioned to lead the charge on clean water and set the standards high to restore & protect clean water for generations to come. We envision a world where clean water is universal.



NuQuatic was launched in 2016 as Phosphorus Free Water Solutions to solve what became the first “unsolvable” problem, the emerging toxicity found our Nation’s surface waters as a consequence of human overloading of nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen) into these waters. An overloading of nutrients, primarily phosphorus, promotes excessive vegetation growth and harmful algae blooms which compete for and deplete the available oxygen in surface waters for fish and other aquatic species. This in turn can create massive fish kills and death of other aquatic life. Additionally, these cyanobacteria algae blooms often liberate toxins (microcystin) which can cause serious respiratory health risks to humans and animals. Florida has been particularly challenged by algae blooms in recent years which in addition to environmental damage are responsible for billions of dollars in lost tourism revenues. Recognizing legacy solutions were falling short of remediating nutrient overloading, Florida began the search for alternative innovative approaches.

In forming NuQuatic we acquired, merged and refined technologies that were particularly suited to oxidize and extract dissolved phosphorus from fresh water. Recognizing the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities, NuQuatic competed in and won a technology competition against 11 other technologies for the right to establish a commercial scale phosphorus removal facility at Lake Apopka, Florida. This public client was seeking a technology that could, at scale, remove dissolved phosphorus to a level below 50 parts per billion (PPB), a standard the FDEP has determined necessary to sustain a vibrant large lake ecosystem. NuQuatic is pleased to report our 7,000 GPM treatment facility is consistently producing effluent treated water at between 20 and 30 PPB, well below the 50 PPB target, and is facilitating the lake’s return to healthy ecological balance.

In 2018 fortune favored NuQuatic when Dr Carlos Borras joined our team. Leveraging Dr. Borras’ unique knowledge and insight in the field electrochemistry, NuQuatic pivoted to a new, more robust, versatile, and dynamic water treatment technology platform: the galvanic process. A quiet revolution began in the water treatment industry with the creation of NuQuatic’ s first prototype galvanic cell, a treatment vessel which requires no external power source. Over the next three years a steady stream of innovation followed in system and application development. Our team of PHD chemists and engineers collaboratively advanced the development of the galvanic oxidation treatment process across a range of contaminants. Through careful selection and modification of the materials of construction in the galvanic cell NuQuatic targets specific contaminant species for removal or in situ destruction.

2021 presented NuQuatic with another “unsolvable” problem, the remediation and treatment of toxic phosphate fertilizer production process or stack water. Easter weekend of 2021 disaster loomed over Tampa Bay where a containment facility which housed 800 million gallons of phosphate process water was in the course of failing and threatening to dump its toxic contents into the pristine Gulf waters of Tampa Bay at Bishops Harbor. Responding to the emergency call of the Florida DEP and the EPA, NuQuatic mobilized within hours and commenced the rapid construction and deployment of a 1,000 GPM galvanic and electrolytic treatment process. Others were also called on to meet the challenge, most passed noting the complexity and difficulty of task before them. Some did try. However, in the end only NuQuatic was able to successfully treat this toxic water to a level where it could be safely discharged meeting and exceeding all state and federal surface water discharge requirements. In the course of our work at this site, NuQuatic removed over 300 tons of phosphorus and 350 tons of nitrogen from the stack waters.

2022 kicked off with NuQuatic being awarded a large-scale nutrient removal project on the shores of Lake Okeechobee. This project is designed to intercept excess flows of phosphorus coming into Lake Okeechobee from the north. This project’s goal is to demonstrate the efficacy of NuQuatic’ s galvanic technology with the hope of becoming a key asset in addressing the over 400 metric ton excess flow of phosphorus each year into the Lake. The failure to bring this excess flow into balance is forecast to deliver devastating consequences for the viability of Everglades National Park and the over 8 million residents of South Florida who depend on healthy clean water flowing from the Lake Okeechobee. NuQuatic’ s 6,000 GPM facility will be operational in the fall of 2023 and will be deploying our state-of-the-art galvanic cell technology.

2022 brought into focus another “unsolvable” problem for NuQuatic; the treatment of PFAS or forever chemicals and other contaminants of emerging concern. Under the direction of Dr. Borros, a thought leader in electrochemistry and frequently cited author by his peer community, NuQuatic initiated focused research into applying our galvanic oxidation technologies for the destruction of these contaminants. The collaborative work of our R&D team has once again proven highly successful. NuQuatic has identified and correlated the specific conditions and parameters under which these emerging contaminants of concern (PFAS 1,4 Dioxane, gyphosphate, etc.) will be either collected (and thereby removed and concentrated) or destroyed in situ. With regard to PFAS particularly, NuQuatic has validated performance destroying the entire PFA family from a Houston area landfill sourced leachate. NuQuatic is in negotiations for a demonstration scale project for this client. Additionally, NuQuatic is presently under evaluation for a number of PFAS landfills and other PFAS removal projects.

Lastly, NuQuatic is about to go where no one has gone before: to Mars and beyond! NuQuatic has been solicited to present our galvanic process for consideration for deployment on the Mars colonization project. Recycled water will be an essential requirement for sustaining life on Mars and a no energy treatment process offers a compelling solution to this challenge. Journey with us as NuQuatic reaches for the stars in its quest to make clean water universal.