Houston Area Leachate Removal and Destruction Summary

  • Leachate Starting Point – 60ppb
  • Water Effluent 27 ppt – 99.92% Removal
  • Overall Removal – 99.96%
  • Concentration Ratio – approx.  5000:1
  • Results indicate between 99-100% PFA destruction in 1 hour or less
  • LCMS spectrums indicate no fragmentation of PFOA molecules
  • PFAs are being destroyed, not transformed into smaller PFAs

Samples were obtained from a Houston Area Landfill in April of 2023. Initial Characterization Studies showed approximately 60 PPB Total Mixed PFAS ranging from short chain C-4 Molecules to the longer chain C-8 Molecules in the suite of analysis performed by Pace Analytical Laboratories in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. ​

​Following the initial Collection and Concentration steps, the Treated Water had a resultant Total PFAS concentration of 27 ppt. Following concentration and dewatering, the collected solids were subjected to destruction conditions in our Pilot Scale electrolytic cell and subjected to a DC current of 30 amp/sq cm. Residence time in this batch reactor system was approximately 60 minutes.  ​

  • Standard LCMS spectrum with a strong peak indicating PFOA 
  • No other strong peaks (no other similar compounds in this sample)
  • Baseline appears completely flat due to the large concentration difference between PFOA and any other molecule